Surapid Hookninjas Passenger Elevator is an Elevator brand of specializing in complete Elevator, Escalator and moving walkway solutions. is listed as Africa’s largest tech giant, the largest elevator & escalator installers in Africa. In 2021, and SURAPID Elevator Co., Ltd established a famous joint venture elevator company in Hangzhou, China, known as SURAPID HOOKNINJAS.

Traction machines, control systems, door operators, safety parts are all produced by ourselves, thus ensuring the quality and stability of our elevators and escalators.

Our China Factory is located in the Hangzhou Lin’an industry development zone, covering an area of 200,000 SQMs, combined by Zhejiang University Research Institute, Elevator R&D center, 208m test tower, 50,000m2 manufacturing area, etc.

Electric fencing
Electric fencing3
electric fencing4 import and deploy electric fencing products and accessories in Nigeria. One major product under our stock is the electric fence energizer. An Energizer is the power supply unit for your electric fencing. it is the energy source used to deliver energy to electric fences. partners with south African company, Nemtek Electric Fence products on different types of energizers as follows:


The Druid 2, a recent introduction to the extensive range of security energizers, is created for the needs of smaller fence requirements in an urban environment. The Druid 2 can work as a standalone unit using an on/off tag to keep the operation very basic and simple to operate.


The Wizord 4 is the logical choice for domestic and light industrial installations where a medium powered energizers is required. This generation of energizers has been field tested for many years and boasts unsurpassed reliability. Simple to install and easy to maintain


The Merlin 4 offers what the Wizord 4 has in terms of features, but with remote control through a dedicated keypad. The keypad also allows the user and the installer to programme and control the energizer from a remote location. This allows the energizer to be installed near the fence and the keypad to be located where it is most convenient for the user. Additional features that the standard Wizord does not have, can be enabled through the keypad.

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IMG-20190426-WA0032 - Copy
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3D epoxy ceilings design represent an image of your choice, covered with transparent epoxy resin, which is attached to the ceiling.

3D ceilings are portable, which means that they are manufactured at our facilities and then transported and installed on the ceiling. Your new and unique 3D epoxy ceilings is ready in just a couple of hours.

Great advantages of 3D Epoxy ceiling design are the epoxy coating which gives it an exceptional durability and the realistic effect of the glossy coating . 3D Epoxy ceiling is very easy to maintain. It will not change color or deteriorate over time. Due to difficult transportation maximum size of ceiling can be 8 square meters. It can be manufactured as a single detail as well. 3D ceiling can be of any shape representing an image of your choice.

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