Vehicle Diagnostics

If you are looking for Vehicle Diagnostic Services that make a difference, backed by a company that is focused on being best resource, put Hookninjas to test

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We empower vehicle owners, mechanics, technicians, garage shops, engineers, Engine control unit(ECU) chip tuners and Auto repair centers — to significantly cut down on maintenance, repair costs, energy, time & money to solve various problems… and all other frustrating experiences involved with dealing with vehicles — by providing cost-effective advice, tools and recommendations.

Our help is based on collective 15+ years of experience dealing with every imaginable vehicle situation. From chip tuning Engine control unit(ECU) performance, OBDI/OBDII diagnostics, repairing cars complex (electrical, engine,  transmission, safety) systems… and performing car service and mechanic work.

Our existence basically deals with 3 things…


Gives peace of mind to vehicle owners and professionals by offering easy-to-use-and-understand, yet super-powerful OBD diagnosis scan tools. These scanners/readers dig deeply into vehicles various systems or components and show hundreds of health/fault/performance data and reports. This data either can save you lot of time, money and energy in repairs/maintenance OR it will prevent a future unexpected brake-down altogether by seeing early warning signs.

Advising Auto-Mechanics

Help auto mechanics, technicians and service centers to make a lot more money in their automobile business by offering world-class tuning and diagnostic tools that get the job done quicker and easier then existing solutions on the market. These tools are created in spirit of extensive collective experience using nearly every known chip tuning and scanning solution and software made since 1996. This translates to you receiving tried and tested profitable recommendations.

Chip Tuning

We give car enthusiasts the “know-how”, resources, software and tuner kits… to squeeze more performance (torque, BHP) out of their vehicle by tuning or modifying the ECU chip (brain of the vehicle that tells it how to run). Better yet, tuning also benefits by cutting down excess fuel consumption by up to 15-25% depending intensity of your modification. (NOTE: Tuning is like programming).