Call Centers and Answering Services

Call Centers and Answering Services


  • Answering Services: Answering your calls as your own Business Would.
  • Our 24/7 live answering service is useful when:
  • your office is unattended,
  • you need to provide immediate customer care,
  • your main line is engaged,
  • you wish to work undisturbed,
  • you have high call volume or need to cover high call periods,
  • you are short-staffed,
  • you need a professional to answer calls after-hours.

Reliable & Flexible Customer Service

Our team is based in Nigeria (we don’t use overseas staff). Our Customer Service Professionals are ready and waiting around the clock, ensuring you never miss a call. We deliver your messages via phone, email, text message, fax or pager. You can choose multiple options for message delivery or you can go online to our secure website and retrieve your messages there.

An answering service is more than just someone answering your calls; to your customer, we are your business. In this day and age, expectations are high, people have access to information at their fingertips, when a call comes in, you cannot miss that opportunity to interact. Immediate customer service response is paramount. If a person has a question or has concerns about your product or service, you need to be able to offer answers or solutions, or you may very well lose a potential client/customer.

Dedication to Customer Service

When you partner with Hookninjas your clients are provided with excellent 24/7/365 live customer service and so are you. That’s right; YOU too are receiving that same level of service that you expect us to provide to your clients. We have management onsite at all times to handle any and all issue that you might have with your account. We are committed to providing you and your clients with top-notch service, all the time and every time.

Our business telephone answering services provide cost effective ways for businesses to handle after hour calls or calls that take place when your staff members are unavailable – live operator telephone answering service, virtual office and voicemail service are key components of our call center solutions.

  • Virtual Receptionist: Expanding Your Business with Professional live Receptionists.

Imagine having our Customer Service Professionals working for your business 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist that only works 40 hours per week.

Our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) can live transfer calls to you just as if they are in your office at a reception desk or messages can be taken and sent instantly via email or text message. We also provide Inbound Email Processing services; our CSPs respond to your emails per your instructions just like a full-time live receptionist would, but for a fraction of the cost.

Our service can be set up and used in a variety of ways but the most common is for you to forward your calls to the local forwarding number that we provide you when you need us to answer and un-forward when you don’t. This means that you are always in control of when and how you use your virtual receptionist.

Use of your call forwarding features can determine whether we’re to answer all calls, no calls, or just overflow calls when all your phone lines are busy or in use. You can even let us know on a daily basis how we should answer your calls for that day, just as if we were at your office, which as far as your callers are concerned, we are


Our professional staff will insure your callers are greeted in your company name by a courteous and helpful voice and our dispatch professionals will insure you receive accurate messages in a timely manner.

There are three or four stages to this service:

Step one: Answering your call for you in your company name

Step two: Gathering the information you require from the caller

Step three (Optional): Setting expectations for when their call will be returned or providing answers from an FAQ sheet.

Step four: Delivering the message to you via your choice phone, email, text message, or pager. You can choose multiple options for message delivery or you can go online to our secure website and retrieve your messages there.


We regularly live transfer new consultation calls and urgent calls to many types of professionals during all hours of the day.

Most often, calls live transferred during business hours are calls that generate new revenue.

When a call comes in that meets your requirements to be patched, one of our Customer Service Representatives will take the caller’s name (and a phone number or any other information if desired) then politely place your client on hold. They will then call you on a separate line, and transfer the call once you’ve answered and confirmed that you are available.

Live transfer protocols determine where or to whom a call is transferred.

You can change these protocols at any time by contacting your Account Representative or by utilizing our free client portal, Client Web Access.

Are you expecting a call from a particular vendor or client that you want patched to your cell phone??  Just update your live transfer protocols and the call will be handled according to your most recent specifications.


In today’s busy workplaces, people have complicated schedules and keeping track of everyone can be a difficult, if not impossible, task. Not anymore!

Our Customer Service Professionals help free you and your staff from this time consuming task so you can focus on other objectives. Regardless of whether your business schedules appointments, meetings, tasks, jobs, clients or service calls – Hookninjas will get your staff on the same page, reduce scheduling errors and boost productivity!

Hookninjas is able to function as a virtual receptionist for you by booking appointments and reservations in real-time using your shared online calendar or by taking a message from the caller with the appointment information so that you can call back to confirm. Our Customer Service Professionals will also perform general messaging duties for non-scheduling calls. All customer calls are answered and appointments are taken and/or confirmed instantly. Your service staff is no longer interrupted to take phone calls, confirm future appointments and your front desk staff is offloaded to perform other important tasks.

Delivery Options: General messaging is usually part of a scheduling account. We will deliver general messages via multiple methods at no additional charge. Hold for call in, call out (to cell phone, home phone etc.), digital page, alpha page, e-mail, text messaging, fax each as taken, voice mailbox, file download or export, fax summary and e-mail summary.

You get an easy cost effective solution which saves time, prevents overbooking, and exceeds your client expectations.


Any of our live answering services can be combined with the benefits of an interactive voice mail system.

Or, if you don’t want a live person to answer your phones then this is the solution for you.

These types of accounts are typically answered on the first ring by the interactive voice mail system where the caller hears an announcement. The announcement directs the caller to one of several choices, one of which is transferring to a Live Operator, other options include leaving a message in a mailbox.

The mailbox can then email you the .wav file (your recording) or it can call or page you with a notification of a new message.

  • Call Center Solutions: Giving your Customer Service the Solution it needs.

Make Support Available to Your Customers 24/7/365

Whether your needs are as simple as collecting important personal and product information from your callers on a sparse per order basis or as demanding as sales and support for a nationwide advertising campaign, our Customer Service Professionals can field calls transparently as though they work directly for your company.

Our Call Center Solutions include: order taking, 24/7 live technical support, scheduling & reservations, lead capture and other inbound services.

We also specialize in combining various services to deliver custom-tailored contact center solutions.

Hookninjas call center services are the perfect compliment for small or large businesses who find the cost of providing in-house 24/7 live support prohibitive. We can operate directly from your e-commerce site or trouble ticketing system and provide information using your FAQs and knowledge-base.

No matter what your needs may be, we can help make support available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!”