Amplifying operational excellence through agile digital solutions

We engineer purpose-driven, customer centric outcomes for a global clientele of startups and enterprises, empowering them to grow into true-technology enabled leaders.

Led by our guiding principles, we architect software solutions for audacious possibilities

Each one inspires us to stay true to ourselves while delivering best results for our clients to achieve different stages of digital maturity.
We blend forward-thinking with a practical approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into action and delivering outcomes with utmost perfection.
We collaborate with our clients to drive true innovation - the kind that transforms an idea into an industry - enabling them to achieve a competitive advantage.
We exercise agility - a capacity to stay flexible and respond rapidly to meet our clients' varying needs. Our cross-trained workforce embraces the change to deliver in a changing world.

Build Trust and Be Transparent

We believe in demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices. Building trust and working with the highest level of transparency is fundamental to who we are.

Celebrating Shared Success

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Lift SystemsWe develop customized elevators and escalators to suit the design of our client’s building.

Hookninjas Elevator is an Elevator brand of specializing in complete elevator and escalator solutions. is listed as Africa’s largest tech giant, the largest elevator & escalator installers in Africa. In 2021, and SURAPID Elevator Co., Ltd established a famous joint venture elevator company in Hangzhou, China, known as HOOKNINJAS SURAPID.

Traction machines, control systems, door operators, safety parts are all produced by ourselves, thus ensuring the quality and stability of our elevators and escalators.

Smart Hotel & HomeMaking your home & hotel smarter and safer is a professional manufacturer and installers of valuable products for Hotel & Hospitality industry such as Hotel RFID Lock, Fingerprint Password Lock, Hotel Magnetic Card Lock, Hotel wireless online system, DND doorbell touch panel, Hotel Card Lock accessories, Hotel Energy Saver switch, Hotel Digital Safety Box, Hotel Guest Room Minibar, Hotel Bathroom Lock, Hotel Cabinet Sauna Locker and more.

We provide our items to Smart star Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Restaurants & Hospitality/Smart home hospitality sections, bringing you the quality products with the best after-service and the best prices.

Security Surveillance and Safety SystemWe Provide CCTV Solutions that Deliver

The increase in vandalism, theft, and assault in recent years has seen the unprecedented rise in the installation of CCTV security systems in Nigeria,

CCTV Services security systems not only act as a deterrent, they are also the perfect monitoring tool. CCTV surveillance has been instrumental in bringing thousands of criminals to justice. They offer you, your company’s staff, and your customers peace of mind, especially in places such as car parks, dimly lit areas, and other places where people feel vulnerable.

Our professional sales staff and technicians are experienced in providing CCTV security services to you, and we specialize in providing solutions for retail stores, malls, educational facilities, hospitals & healthcare, the financial industry, banks, government buildings, city & urban surveillance, industrial complex sites, and the protection of critical infrastructure.