Hookninjas Explosive Proof Fire Robot

It can replace fire and rescue personnel to enter the scene of inflammable toxic, hypoxia, smoke and other dangerous disasters and accidents for the fire fighting, effectively solve the personal safety of the fire personnel in the above places. Simple body design, more high power DC deceleration motor to make obstacles become particularly simple.

i.Easy and wireless operation
ii.Thermal Infrared image Camera
iii.Remote supervision and diagnostic
iv.Entirely customizable
v.Climb stairs and overcome obstacles
vi.Real time monitoring
vii.Autonomous Navigation(optional)
viii.Anti-capsizing, Anti-collision, Self-cooling
ix.Can pull DN80 fire hose for 100m with water in explosion-proof grade Ex d ib mb IIB+H2T6

i.Thermal Infrared Image Camera
ii.TFT Fire Monitor: 80L/S flow, water/foam dual- purpose, range 80 meters
iii.Gas collection: The collection of six gases around the robot body
iv.Lighting: double LED strong lightAcoustic-optic
v.Alarm: the robot sends out acoustic-optic alarm under the running state of the robot body
vi.Automatic obstacle avoidance: always detect obstacles in front to avoid collision
vii.Spray cooling: water curtain spray cooling


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