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Nigeria 1st WhatsApp Blasting Service is here. The most complete and popular for WhatsApp blasting and messaging advertising around the globe. Broadcast dozens and dozens of messages over our WhatsApp platform. Benefit from sending Text,Photo,Audio,Video,vCard,Location,etc via our Platform.

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It is time to get over the traditional text message or SMS marketing for the success of your business. At Hookninjas.com, we offer the host of amazing benefits of the new-age Whatsapp marketing in Nigeria. A revolutionary medium of communication, Whatsapp has taken the marketing world by storm. At a time when SMS marketing was getting redundant, given its limitations like DND numbers, Whatsapp has come across as a ground-breaking technique to promote products, services, and communicate with audiences at large.

Whatsapp marketing in Nigeria gives you access to a user-base of over 900 million, becoming the most popular marketing platform. With Hookninjas’s Whatsapp SMS services in Nigeria, you get an easy reach to massive audiences in one go. You can send promotional content, product information or any such message to your target audience in the quickest way possible through Whatsapp’s Broadcast List feature. These lists are saved lists of your chosen recipients and give you the huge benefit of sending regular messages without the hassle of selecting recipients each time.

  • Hookninjas Offers Result Oriented Whatsapp SMS services in Nigeria.

Hookninjas  helps you unlock the marketing potential of Whatsapp for the best benefit of your business. We help you enjoy the host of advantages that Whatsapp marketing in Nigeria can offer:

  • Send regular messages with unlimited character length

  • Wider-reach as Whatsapp is available on every mobile platform

  • Whatsapp supports multiple media formats including texts, images, videos and vCards

  • Whatsapp can be used internationally

  • Track how your message broadcast or advertising campaign performs with Whatsapp’s read receipts feature (blue ticks)

  • Whatsapp allows you access to DND phone numbers

The 900 million plus Whatsapp user base is a stupendous marketing opportunity that marketers are readily taking benefit of. The most impactful, feature-loaded messaging application, Whatsapp gives you an unparalleled reach with liberty to contact anytime and anywhere. We, at Hookninjas, skillfully create maximum audience outreach for our clients to help them promote their business, products and services effortlessly and successfully.

Irrespective of the industry you are in or the type of business you do, Whatsapp SMS services in Nigeria will help you accomplish all of your business promotion goals, be it product launch, new feature update, informing about added services, announcing offers or deals, price update, update on any upcoming event or for relationship building.

At Hookninjas you get a comprehensive range of customized Whatsapp marketing solutions. You can select a package based on your needs like delivery time, cost per message, and quantity of messages.

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