A speed limiter is a governor used to limit the top speed of a vehicle. For some classes of vehicle and in some jurisdictions they are a statutory requirement, for some other vehicles the manufacturer provides a non-statutory system which may be fixed or programmable by the driver.

Speed Limiter is a device that controls the speed from the vehicle. An encoded electronic and an adjustable actuator with leversystem take care of the desired maximum speed.

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A speed limiter is a governor used to limit the top speed of a vehicle which could be by controlling the fuel feed to the engine, or by modifying the electronic signal from the electronic accelerator pedal or could be by disengaging the mechanical accelerator pedal


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There are environmental, safety and cost benefits from mandating the use of speed limiters. Reducing the speed of a vehicle will result in lower fuel consumption that helps reduce toxic emissions and saves money on fuel purchases. As well, the risk of collision is reduced when driving at lower speeds. Another benefit is the lower repair cost for: motor, tires and brakes.

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