Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Hookninjas provides best social media optimization services to grow your business and enjoy an increase in sales. SMO is considered the most reliable method to grow your business in this tech savvy world today. It turns the table round and provides your company best exposure outside in the market. 

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At, we deal with different SMO services in Nigeria on all different social media platforms. These platforms help in giving commendable output with outgoing activities if continued for a long time. 

Our team is full of experienced people who are capable of staying ahead in competition with different brands. We are highly focused to maintain your brand reputation which is an important part of SMO activities. 

We try to provide you best SMO services in Nigeria with highly effective strategies, social media campaigns, PR and advertisements. We try to keep you informed about every challenge you need to face in the coming future. Our team tries to increase awareness of your brand in this competitive market.

Social Media Optimization is a methodology that is used in the field of online marketing. The presence and awareness of any kind of services products etc increases with activities on social networking websites. Social Media Optimization is a wonderful way of engaging wide spread consumer base through social networking websites. The majority of audience gets attracted towards what they see online, if they can ask questions or not and ultimately putting trust into the audience that are potential customers for your company. SMO Services helps in building this special relationship with the audience and also benefits in a lot of other ways like strengthening your brand awareness, increasing web traffic, maximize the impact of link building etc.

Why Us for Social Media Optimization Services?

Our Social Media Optimization is a reliable and efficient source to get your business in front of the whole world by means of internet, especially social media. We formulate Social Media Optimization service plans by understanding the aspects of social media. The social media experts that work for us understand the products and services of your business and write relevant contents hence enhancing your brand in the social media market.

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Our SMO services include:

  • Social bookmarking and Tagging

  • Creating social media pages

  • Content strategy and creation

  • Creating blogs and community forums

  • Creation of viral media

  • Transparent work method

  • Setting up & managing accounts on top social media websites

  • Create buzz and build brand loyalty for you

  • Increase engagement and customer satisfaction

  • Increase the number of social votes and followers.



Key Benefits:

  • Targeting Audience: will provide you the best SMO services globally by talking about your brand on open social media platform. We end up in taking out positive reviews of your product by each and every customer of yours. Targeting audience is a very important aspect of social media marketing because if you miss your audience you miss on your customers. We try to reach the right people for our clients and give best refined messages to customers. 

  • Strategies & campaigns is the best social media marketing company for your brand promotions online. We work on strategies and on the basis of that we run campaigns which creates brand presence in the market. The Market is changing a lot in with changing scenario people believe in what they see rather than mouth to mouth publicity. Times are changing and Social media is becoming the next big thing in business. 

With social media such a force online now, companies have now been able to leverage those tools to increase their link popularity. Utilising blogs, forums, Twitter, etc to help build communities that naturally want to link. We help generate traffic via social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ ,Linkedin, etc to your website.


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