Reputation Management

Negative and slanderous comments showing up on page one for your company name search can incredibly damage your brand name. No matter who wrote those comments, they will make it hard for your potential customers to trust your products and services. 

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In the volatile online world, it takes thousands of dollars to get traffic and drive sales. Imagine a few misguided comments ruining your years of effort. It’s not just hurtful but bad for your business too. As you may already have realized, having a positive online image is not a matter of choice, it's a must.

Our online reputation management services can help you by pushing down these unpleasant results in search rankings and bringing up positive results to show your business in a positive light. Whether you are a business or an individual, can resolve your reputation issues by using ethical and long term methods. 

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We listen across the social channel for consumer conversations and brand mentions. We analyze both positive and negative comments to help you understand consumer sentiment.


Perfect for a proactive business. We improve your rankings, strengthen your presence across platforms and protect the results for your main keywords so that there are no surprises.


We prepare a comprehensive report on all negative comments and push them down in search results, at the same time promoting positive results.

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  • Hookninjas online reputation management strategy involves:

  • Analysis of the extent and nature of damage

  • Studying already available positive resources as well as creation of new ones

  • Implementing various steps to integrate and push up the positive results.

  • Reporting at all stages so that you can rest assured.

Though there are hundreds of service providers assuring a stellar online reputation, we are one of the few to guarantee white hat and legitimate SEO methods. We understand that risking your website itself can only make the situation that much worse. With, your online reputation and site's search engine status stay protected. 

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