Recharge Card Printing Services

You can make cool money through recharge card printing business in Nigeria. It’s real. Those recharge vouchers you buy by the road side, in your street ,etc are printed by human beings who have same ONE head like yours. They don’t have TWO heads.

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You only need to put some things in place and have us at your beck and call to be supplying you ePins. Things you need to start recharge card printing business include:

1.Computer : can be a desktop computer or laptop
Printer: Laser jet recommended!
3.A4 papers

ePins of any network you want to print
Recharge card printing software

You will need internet access to download the epins that we will be sending to your email. When doing this, it’s better you do it on your personal computer and not at a cyber cafe where anyone can access your email especially if you forget to sign out from your email account before leaving the cyber cafe.

Once you have your laptop, printer and papers ready, proceed to download recharge card printing software. Install it and ensure you learn how to use it.

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Proceed to order for your ePins. Once delivered to you, upload to the recharge card printing software and print them out accordingly.

Once printed, sell and make your money.

Note, the volume of your sales will determine how much money you can make from recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

We hope this helps.

Feel free to contact us at all time.

Happy Selling!

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