Professional Services at your Door Step


Need an Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, Quantity surveyor, Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Mason, Mechanic, Beautician, Fitness instructor, Cleaner, Launderer, Painter, Computer Technician, Appliance service Technician, Housekeeper, Security surveillance Experts, Pest control Experts, Car wash Experts, Packers and movers experts or Mobile phone technician You Can Rely On?

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At Hookninjas, we provide you with a variety of at-home and office services that simplify your everyday living. From beauty services, laundry, plumbing, carpentry to fitness instructors, et cetera all at your time & convenience. We are a dynamic team with just one passion: to make life easier for YOU. We currently operate across 36 states in Nigeria. 

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How it works

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    Share your need and information with us. 

  • Schedule

    Schedule a time for us to attend to you. 

  • Relax

    Our expert team will do the assigned task while you relax.  


“If you are looking for Fast, reliable and professional services at your door step that make a difference, backed by a company that is focused on being best resource, put Hookninjas to test.”   YOU WILL BE GLAD, YOU DID……….. , please click any of the links below