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Around the world there are countries having their own domain names, .uk for (UK), .us (USA), .au (Australia),.in(India),etc 

The time has come that we as Nigerians identify ourselves to the world through Internet by signing for our unique identity .NG, not only will this give a new definition to all Nigerians maybe individuals, companies, organizations and even Non-Resident Nigerians but is a matter of great pride too. 

Since long we have been an IT dominant Nation but no one bothered about having an international presence through domains names, as somehow it was not taken as seriously but due to advent of the .NG extension the Nigerian companies will have much positive impact on their International trade and operations due to its national look. It will be easy to identify Nigerianss [individuals, companies] now with the domain name only. 

For Nigerians to have their own extension as .NG domain name is a matter of extreme significance, and we at  feel pride in offering the registration services to all Nigerians in and around the world. It is a matter of great patriotism that we now tell the world of our existence in much better manner by bringing forward our services and products using the .NG domain extension, not only it is available for organizations but individuals to show their roots belong to the great motherland of ours i.e. Nigeria. 

Register .NG domains through is accepting pre-registration applications for .NG domains from any individuals or entities worldwide. With virtually every premium domain names available as opposed to .com/.net/.org domains, this is sure a great chance for you to apply for the domains you have always wanted without the requirement of any TRADE MARK PAPER.

We certainly have the most sophisticated technologies and experienced staff to ensure that you have the best chance of winning your domains, and we would like you and your customers to have the earliest opportunity to expand within the Nigerian market, and to proactively protect your brand images. 


DOMAIN                                   PRICE PER ANNUM

.ng                                           N13,490.00                                   N1,495.00                                     N1,500.00                                          N1,710.00                                     N 1,695.00                                     N10,000.00                                     N9,999.00                                  N510.00                                      N1,500.00



  • The .ng domain registry does not allow for the registration of two lettered .ng domains both at the second level (e.g. and at the third level (

  • The .ng domain registry has a list of premium domains that cannot be registered.

  • The domain extensions and can only be registered by government institutions and accredited tertiary institutions respectively.

  • Funds used for any failed transaction that falls in the category     above can either be used for other transactions or can be refunded less bank charges

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