Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair Services

Hookninjas!  Simple & Easy place to manage your mobile and Tablet device.

  • We bring new life to your device.

  • We are a professional multi-brand out-of-warranty Mobile and Tablet care centre.

  • We undertake mobile phone repair and tablet repair.

In-Store Services:

You can schedule a visit and walk in to our state of art customer interaction centre to avail our express repair services. You can speak to our customer Support Team and explain your needs. While our team attends to your device, you can wait in our spacious and comfortable waiting area. Our care centres are operational in Nigeria.

On-Site Services:

You can book a ticket and schedule an on-site visit of our technician. Our skilled technicians will arrive at your doorstep and perform the repair on your Mobile and Tablet devices. On-Site facilities are available through our care centres in Nigeria.

Pickup Services:

You can schedule a pick-up order from your house, office or most locations within Nigeria. We pickup, repair and return them at your door step with minimum turnaround time. You can Use our web/ mobile application to create a central repository of all your devices. You can trigger a repair order, track repair history and make online payments.




My iPad Screen Is Broken But I Can Still Use It

My Phone Screen Is Broken But I Can Still Use It

My Mobile Devices Screen Is Unresponsive

My Mobile Switches On But I Cant See Anything

Image result for mobile phone screen issue pictures



I Can't Hear People On A Phone Call 

I Can't Listen To Music Via My Headphones

There Is No Sound Coming From My Loudspeaker 


Image result for mobile phone sound issue pictures



My Device's Battery Drains Too Quickly

My Device Will Not Charge When Plugged In

Image result for mobile phone charge issue pictures




Constantly Lose Signal On My Mobile Phone

My Sim Card Reader Is Not Working Properly

I Can't Connect To Wi Fi

Image result for mobile phone signal issue pictures




My Home Button Is Stiff / Unresponsive

My Mute Button Is Stiff / Broken

My Power Button Is Stiff / Broken

My Volume Button Is Faulty

Image result for mobile phone button issue pictures




I'm Not Sure What Is Wrong With My Device

My Rear Camera Doesn't Work

My Front Camera Doesn't Work 

My Rear Cover Is Damaged

My Device Has Been Damaged By Liquid

My Mobile Device Is Not Vibrating

Image result for mobile phone other issue pictures


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