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Related image  is one of the products that has been launched by Hookupsky ltd to recover as much pure gold as possible, from products of different origins and forms, deemed to contain noticeable traces of this valuable metal and offer the retail customer an opportunity to own gold  in small and big denominations at the lowest price. 

We provides an online system to our customers to buy and sell gold in a simple, easy and a convenient manner. Further, we gives an opportunity to our customers to use the gold bought from to shop for coins, bars and jewellery on our website or from any empanelled jeweller across Nigeria. We have several equipments used in Gold Smelting, Molding, Weighing, Testing, etc.

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Gold recycling has only one objective: to recover as much pure gold as possible, from products of different origins and forms, deemed to contain noticeable traces of this valuable metal. Certain rules are utilized in manufacturing plants that prevent gold being illegally diverted from the recycling scheme. Because of these reasons, the recycling process is quite expensive, and it is important that some basic estimate is made, as to the value of the recovered gold.

With buyers around the world,  knows the global Gold and jewelry markets. As a partner of the largest recycled Gold buyer in the US and Europe, we can offer more money for your Gold, jewelry, and watches than a Gold, jewelry shop or pawnbroker.

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Benefit to Buyers

  • sells the gold at wholesale prices to retail investors making it more affordable.

  • A retail investor can buy as low as 0.1 gm of gold.

  • The gold is stored for free on your behalf in a secured vault which is controlled and monitored by an independent trustee.

  • The option to use the gold for shopping of coins/bars/jewellery online as well as offline.

  • 24/7 access to your online account.

  • No brokerage or fees charged on account opening or on shopping.

Benefit to Sellers

  • Sellers Request  for Valuation

  • Receive your initial valuation by phone or email

  • Ship us your items with receipt via Hookninjas Delivery Specialists or make an appointment.

  • A member of our team will contact you with a full 
    valuation and offer

  • If you accept, payment can be received within 24 hours  was formed with the objective of providing  you with a variety of In-store, On-site and Pickup Services that simplify your everyday living which includes, buying and selling of Gold across Nigeria. Hookninjas Gold trading Business is promoted by Hookupsky ltd.



We are the new generation in the Gold-trading industry, and we believe in giving the best service while doing the thing we love the most.

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Gold in our Europe Recycling bin

As a young and innovative company, we are aware of the new era of online sales; that is why we focus on finding the right deals at the best prices for you, and promise to deliver it in minimum time.

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All our Gold are tested by our finest Goldsmith.

We never compromise on the quality, therefore all our products are with the finest cuts and the best luster.

Contact us today to get your perfect Gold !!

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