Full Time SEO Consultant

Do you have the resources to keep your site ever optimizing and ever evolving?


In the fast changing online world your website requires constant up gradation to remain at the top. Be it adapting to the newly emerging search engine algorithms, running effective online ad campaigns, compiling the right links or keeping up with the latest web designs, your site needs constant tweaking to remain competitive in e-business. That is why you need expert and dedicated SEO consultants to continually work on your website and keep you ahead of the competition.


Spare yourself the hassle. Trust the Professionals 

Our offshore search engine optimization consultants are a cost effective way of doing exactly that. You don't have to devote your precious time and money for hiring, training, retaining and managing on-site employees. Our consultants are experts in their respective fields and are ready to add value to your online property from day one. With our offshore employee options you:

  • Avoid recruitment of on-site staff and payment of salaries and overhead expenditure

  • Avoid the hassle and cost of regular personnel management such as HR, training, promotion, vacation, leaves etc.

  • Avoid maintenance of adequate infrastructure

Gain the advantage

With our dedicated search engine optimization professionals on your side, you are ready to receive maximum returns on your online investment. You can also reduce the pressure on your present work force, serve your clients better and focus on getting new clients with added vigor.

  • Full Time SEO Consultant.

  • Full Time Content Writer

  • Full Time Web Designer / Developer

Your offshore employees work exclusively for you 

Our offshore professionals work exclusively on your projects 8 hours daily, 5 days a week and report directly to you. They will be in real time touch with you through instant messenger, e-mail and telephone during office hours on all week days. Daily updates incorporating all the details of your project are e-mailed to you everyday. The arrangements are so designed to give you the ease of having the employee in your own office. In fact, with our dedicated offshore employee options you have all the comforts of an within-the-office employee and none the hassles of it.

The twin advantages of our base in Nigeria

With our operations based in Nigeria, we offer you twin advantages of access to highly talented personnel and cost competitiveness. Our offshore employee programs are customized to meet your specific requirements, both short term and long term. Our services confirm to the global standards and are secured by non-disclosure agreements. We abide by international copyright laws and forfeit all intellectual property rights.





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