Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading is the largest  online foreign exchange providers in Nigeria as we offer the best rates in the country. is the leading forex exchange services in Nigeria, where exchanging currencies is as simple as making an online purchase. You can also get the cash delivery directly at your office/home as per your request.

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Forex Exchange Rates fluctuate often and hence it is better to check the current rate, before doing a foreign exchange currency transaction. At, you don’t need to worry about the Forex Exchange rates, as we provide you with the best live rates from our dealers and give you the option to select the best rate on offer. 

Why Choose for all your Forex Exchange Needs?

Either you are a Nigerian or a foreigner visiting Nigeria for the first time and looking to exchange your leftover foreign currency from your last foreign trip, we at can help you simplify the process to get all your foreign currency exchanged and delivered by cash or transferred to your forex card or Bank account in no time. 

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Easy Forex Exchange in Nigeria is one of the popular Forex Exchange Rates service providers in Nigeria and can help you get your currency in a few simple steps as described below:

Step 1. Visit and enter your location, select the currency and the total amount to be exchanged.

Step 2. Our Currency Converter engine will get the latest live currency data from our dealers and show you the best possible rates.

Step 3. All you need to do is to select the best deal and press submit.

Step 4. You’ll get your money delivered at your doorstep or transferred to your Forex Card or Bank account as per your wish.

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Why choose for foreign currency exchange in Nigeria? is FAIR, FAST and FREE. If you are planning a foreign trip then you must certainly exchange Nigerian money with foreign currency here at Forget about membership or transaction fee. Get to experience hassle-free and fair transactions while accessing our website and mobile application.

How Forex exchange will be done in Nigeria?

These days’ offline transactions are avoided due to various unwanted hassles. Therefore, online forex market place is a favorite to many. Simply let us know what foreign exchange you want.  After deciding on your best suitable deal you may have your forex delivered at your doorstep, provided the facility is available in your deal.

Which is the best and safest place to exchange money in Nigeria?

Online transactions at Hookninjas are always the best and the safest. We keep all the information provided by you absolutely confidential. Our amazing exchange rates make the ideal and best forex service provider in Nigeria. 


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In Nigeria, where can I get international prepaid travel card and wire transfer facility? lets you buy foreign international prepaid travel cards at cheap rates and thus allow you to have a smarter foreign trip. Customers can also initiate foreign money transfers through our wire transfer system. Our authorized currency exchangers help perform these forex operations.

How to get best buying or selling rates for foreign currency in Nigeria?

Enter important details such as the currency, amount, your specific area in your city and the forex product which you would like to buy or sell. Through our live bidding process, your best rate will be determined. The final decision regarding choosing the money exchange rate would be yours while confirming your order.

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