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Email marketing is the most cost-effective medium ever invented for getting high return on investment. As a holistic internet marketing services firm, team @ provides state-of-art email marketing services.

It all begins here…

Start generating more revenue with targeted, accurate email communications. Today email marketing has become obligatory to retain your existing customers and bring them back to your website. So, if you are launching a new product, throwing a seasonal discount or some festive offer it is the best medium for new customer acquisition as well as building a sizable consumer base. It helps business owners to circulate their commercial ads and promotional offers, information and company news directly to their customers.

Do you know why big brands choose Email Marketing Services?

Here are few benefits-

       Potential Returns of 40:1

According to a 2011 study by the Direct Marketing Association, Email marketing generated $40.56 for every $1 invested

       Targeted Campaigns

One can choose from hundreds demographic criteria to reach your targeted market and audience.

       Accurate Reporting

Various email-marketing tools helps to track and report information related to emails sent, delivered, bounced, opened, and number of click-through on the links within the message.


Professional Expertise @

At, we can help you achieve the highest delivery rates possible. Our email marketing team can help you achieve your Internet marketing strategies by increasing your email marketing click-throughs and conversions. With our email marketing campaign services we help you build your list, design your email, ensure delivery, track results and deliver targeted messages with personalized content.


       Email Segmentation

       A/B Split Testing

       Email Reporting

       Autoresponders

       Email Workflows

       Advanced Features

We also offer services that allow you to refine and enhance your e-mail campaigns by incorporating –

       Customized landing pages

       Micro-sites

       Surveys and registration forms

       Mobile messaging

       Click-to-call options

Other Email Marketing Features:

       Creation of email news letters and email campaigns.

       High performance mail servers for sending emails.

       Easy import / export contacts.

       Manage email (removing duplicates and incorrect email IDs).

       Schedule and send email campaigns.

       Integrate with back-end database systems, marketing tools and sales force.

       Trigger messages solution by automatically send email marketing messages.

       Multi-user access to track team performance and results.

Effective & Successful E-mail campaign designed & implemented by us assist you to keep your customers and prospects informed of your services. provides customer list management, multiple format email, fast delivery, email statistics including the number of emails that were actually opened and we will disable incorrect email addresses automatically. The email campaigns are designed and customized as per client requirement.

So let’s get in touch and discuss the right solution to reach out to millions of potential new customer and increase your conversion rates effectively.

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