Electronics Recycling

Scrap Electronics (E-Waste)

We buy all kinds electronic scrap, outdated electronic products, non working cell phone boards, old computer boards, scrap CPU, Scrap computers and all kinds of discarded cellular equipment.

We recycle all kinds of end-of-life electronics, electronic equipment salvaging.

Types of electronic boards we recycle: 

PCB - Printed Circuit Boards, The scrap PCB is divided into few different grades:

Cell Phone PCB - The cell phone PCB scrap is the main board of cell phones, Bluetooth boards and any other boards that comes out of scrap, non working and discarded cell phones, this type of PCB usually contains copper, lead, Gold, Palladium and silver.

Computers PCB - The computers scrap printed circuit boards can be scrap motherboards, video boards, audio boards, network cards and other PCI, ISA or AGP boards which comes out of scrap desktop computers, personal computers, scrap laptop computers and scrap servers, this type of PCB usually contains copper, lead and a small amount of Gold, Palladium and silver.

Communication PCB - The communication boards are usually boards out of end of life / scrap PBX systems, such as Nortel, Lucent, At& T etc.., it is usually the slot boards this type of PCB usually contains copper, lead and a small amount of Gold, Palladium and silver.

Low grade PCB - Low grade Scrap PCB usually comes out of scrap monitors, scrap amplifiers, scrap DVD players, scrap DECT phones, scrap printers, scrap speakers, scrap VCR's, scrap cable boxes, scrap satellite boxes, scrap MP3 players, scrap cameras etc.. this boards usually contains copper and lead and a very minimal amount of precious metals.

Scrap CPU's - Scrap Central processor units usually comes out of discarded, non working and obsolete computers.

Scrap tantalum capacitors - All types of tantalum capacitors for tantalum recovery.

Gold CPU scrap, gold fingers, connectors and pins are good for gold recycling, other scrap electronic boards contains metals, such as gold, palladium, silver and copper, some boards such as military electronic boards, space electronics or very old boards contains larger amounts of metals, than PC boards and modern scrap electronic equipment.

If you have any kind of E-Waste, we will be glad to hear about it, and offer you a price for it, you can either call us anytime or fill out this quick form and we will contact you shortly:

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Computers recycling and disposal

Discarded computers, non repairable computers, scrap computers, computer boards and other computer related parts is considered hazardous e-waste and must be recycled and disposed of properly.

We at Hookninjas.com purchase most kinds of computer waste, such as scrap computers and computer related parts, discarded or outdated computers for recycling purposes, please note that we buy scrap computers in large quantities only (100 pcs and up), please do not contact us if you have a small quantity.

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Sample pictures of computers and computer related parts we will buy for recycling.

Please find the detailed list of the scrap computer parts we are buying:

We buy scrap computer towers including servers in bulk, both complete and incomplete for recycling purposes only, we pick up anywhere in the Nigeria.

We also buy scrap mother boards of all kinds, scrap sound cards , old or new technology scrap video boards, scrap modem cards and all other PC boards, we also buy Scrap CPU's for gold recovery memory modules and any other discarded electronic boards from computers and discarded computer equipment.

We also buy scrap hard drives, disk drives, floppy drives, CD-ROM drives, computer DVD drives.

We also buy all kinds of notebook computers, Laptop scrap such as complete laptops, laptop motherboards, LCD's and all scrap laptop accessories and parts.

Please note that we do not buy or take cathode ray monitors (CRT) due to the latest restrictions on these.

We do not buy scrap printers but might take it for recycling depending on the quantity.

We are refiners of electronic scrap, computer scrap, PC scrap, gold scrap, mother boards, communications boards, cellular phones, cell phones boards, CPU scrap, connectors, pins, and all gold plated materials.

We pay by the LB or Per KG, we can pay a reasonable prices for all of your scrap electronics just because we are actual refiners of high grade materials.

We also buy car computers (ECU, ECM) for recycling. 

We are currently looking for scrap memory boards. 

We are always ready to purchase E scrap which we have listed that we buy, so if you have any, we will be glad to know about it and also have the chance to buy it from you, please contact us or just fill out the quick form below and we will contact you shortly. 

Cell phones recycling

We buy all kinds of non working, discarded, end of life, cell phones scrap, cell phone boards and all other non working cellular equipment, for recycling and precious metals recovery purposes.

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See more pictures of cell phones scrap we buy

We at Hookninjas.com buy cell phones scrap for recycling purposes, we also buy scrap cell phone boards (PCB - main boards), scrap cell phone batteries, one way pagers and all kinds of discarded cell phones accessories. 

We also buy non working, end of life, surplus L-Ion cell phone batteries, cell phone chargers and all kinds of cellular accessories for recycling. Scrap GSM Mobile phones, scrap pagers, non working cell phone accessories such as Nokia ,Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Apple I-Phone cell phones, Audiovox, Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Nextel mobile phones, Blackberry handsets, batteries and more.

We also buy printed circuit boards out of cell sites and complete out of service cell sites for recycling purposes.

If you have any kind of cell phone scrap for sell please fill the form below to contact us.


X-Ray film recycling and disposal services

We buy and recycle all kinds of X-ray film for silver recovery and destruction purposes, we pick-up your x-ray film for free and also pay you for the x-rays we take from you, we pick-up in all Nigeria states.


We recycle all kinds of film such as taken medical / veterinary films, expired or scrap X-ray film, all kinds of developed, discarded X Ray films, outdated, old, exposed or new un-exposed X-ray films.

We also buy Industrial film both expired, exposed or un-exposed and Lithographic film printing film of all kinds damaged, expired, exposed or un-exposed.

How does the recycling program work?

It is simple you contact us, we will pick-up your x-ray film for free anywhere in the Nigeria.

How do I contact you in order to sell my x-rays to you for silver recovery?

There are 2 ways you can contact us about selling your x-ray film, either call our Phone number 08051072677 or just fill out the form below. One of us will contact you shortly with all of the information you need and schedule a pick-up.

If you need more information about our the recycling program please visit our Frequently asked questions page.

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