We are here at a duplex under construction and we are hopeful that at the end of the finishing, this duplex will turn to a smart Duplex.

Here, we are Have set up piping and wiring connection for digital sound system in such a way that the TV in the sitting room, Kitchen, rooms, Gymn house, Guest house and more will be connected to ceiling speakers and wall speakers respectively in such a way that the audio of the TV would be transferred to the speakers and the sound will be amplified.

Here, we are deploying 16 channels CCTV surveillance system with mobile view with 8MP system. It means that the surveillance coverage and the colour will be super good.

Here, we are deploying wireless internet for the entire building in such a way that every smart system in the building such as Robot Vacuum cleaners, Curtain Robots, surveillance Robots and more will be working perfectly well and be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Here, we are deploying Face recognition, Fingerprint, password, card, App and mechanical key unlock system for all doors in the building. This will enable the occupants access their doors from anywhere in the world.

Here, we are deploying solar Street Cameras with double solar panels for street surveillance view of the environment. It is also two ways communication audio system.

Here, we are also deploying Hookninjas latest Swinging gate system with Pinhole camera and indoor monitor. After final deployment and testing, client can open, close and view people around the gate from anywhere in the world.

At the moment, we are deploying one of the Hookninjas hot sales solar landsacpe light GSL-10 with 80W model,the lamp with 3000lm high brightness.Made by the “Square” unique design are from our private molds,which with 360° lighting area.
For project use,this lamp can reach 26Lux when mount on 5 meters,which can meet most of outdoor lighting application!

Thanks for choosing Hookninjas Limited, Africa’s largest tech giant.

Contact us at all time via www.hookninjas.com for queries and be rest assured that delivering of our clients services nationwide are very paramount to us.


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